Give Dad The The Gift of Grilling For Father’s Day

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Give Dad The The Gift of Grilling For Father’s Day

Is it a coincidence that Father’s Day falls among the first days of summer? Probably not, considering one of Dad’s favorite things — grilling — is synonymous with beautiful weather. In fact, the meal most preferred by dads on Father’s Day is grilling with their family; this according to gourmet grill maker Napoleon’s Grilling the NationTM research study.

When asked what meal they’d most enjoy on their special day, 57 percent of dads said they want a grilled meal at home with their families; the second most popular response was going out to a restaurant at only 28 percent. Not only does Dad want to enjoy a grilled meal on Father’s Day – he wants to prepare it himself.

“Many people think Father’s Day is a time to cater to Dad,” said Stephen Schroeter, senior vice-president of sales and marketing for Napoleon. “That’s why we were surprised to learn the majority of dads want to be grilling for their families, instead of the other way around.”

The Gift of Grilling

The moral of the story, Dad wants to be grilling this Father’s Day. But to do the job right, and have fun at the same time, he’ll need the right tools. No matter the price range Napoleon has got a grill for Dad:

  • The show stopping Napoleon Prestige PRO 665 is faster and hotter than any grill on the market. It’s commercial grade through and through and packed with features that make it the most versatile grill you can find, including:
    • The signature Sizzle Zone that heats to a ridiculous 1,800°F in 30 seconds thanks to solid engineering and 9,000 BTU’s of grill power. That’s enough to show any steak who’s boss, or at least create a perfectly caramelized crust that sears in the juices.
    • An integrated Wood Chipper Smoking Tray that can turn the grill into a smoker.
    • 1,140-Square-Inches of cooking area and eight stainless steel burners that provide up to 98,000 BTU’s.
    • It has a MSRP of $2,899.
  • The new Napoleon Rogue 425 has the bravado of the big boys — but in a smaller package. No other grill can offer this kind of power and high-end features, at such an affordable price — it truly outshines its closest competitor with features like:
    • 625-Square-Inches of cooking area and 45,000 total BTU’s; that’s more than enough for entertaining.
    • The Sizzle Zone, a premium feature unheard of in the 3-burner market.
    • Stainless steel constructed burners, cooking grids, and sear plates are one example of its premium engineering.
    • It has a MSRP of $999.
  • The Napoleon TravelQ 285 has set a new standard in portable grilling excellence. Don’t let the small size fool you, this grill packs a punch — features include:
    • 285-Square-Inches of grilling area and 12,000 BTU’s, which can cook up to 20 large burgers at once.
    • At only 28 pounds, and with its fold away design, it can be easily transported or stored.
    • It has a MSRP of $329.

Give Some, Get Some

Still not sure if you should gift Dad a grill this year? You’ll be interested to know your generosity can pay off in more ways than you’d think. According to Napoleon’s research the majority of people taught themselves how to grill; however, the second most popular response was being taught by Dad. And people who were taught to grill by their fathers considered themselves better grillers compared to those who learned another way.

“There’s something to be said about the lessons we learn from our dads,” continued Schroeter. “They stick with us and are among the most valuable.”

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